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SatellittDepartment of Electronics and Telecommunications is in the forefront when it comes to new technology.

We work with microsystems like micro lasers, micro electronics, integrated optoelectronics and waveguides. Our newest field of research is Nanotechnology, where the dimentions are at atomic levels.

Our research also covers wireless technology in communication, navigation, radar and remote sensing. This scales from short range systems (≈1 m), wireless local networks (WLAN), mobile telephone systems (GMS, UMTS) and satellite systems.

With todays demands on information quantity, transmission and storage must be made as effective as possible. Signal- and image processing, speech technology, music technology and communication are also areas of our research.

Growing semiconductor nanowires on graphene

CrayoNano AS introduces a hybrid material with unique properties.
This is obtained by growing semiconductor nanowires on graphene.

Best Paper Award to NTNU SmartGrid Researchers

Best Paper Award
PhD students Reza Parseh from Department of Electronics and Telecommunications and Santiago Sanchez Acevedo from Department of Electric Power Engineering were awarded the best paper in Smart Grid Communication Networks Symposium at IEEE Smart Grid Comm 2012. All conference papers are peer-reviewed. The work is jointly supervised by Kimmo Kansanen, Marta Molinas, and Tor A. Ramstad and part of the Smart Grid Initiative at NTNU.

Title: Real-time Compression of Measurements in Distribution Grids 
Authors: Reza Parseh, Santiago Sanchez Acevedo, Kimmo Kansanen, Marta Molinas, Tor A. Ramstad
Conference: IEEE Smart Grid Comm 2012
Time and place: November 5th - 8th, 2012, Tainan City, Taiwan

Best Student Paper Award to PhD-student Juan Miranda

Best Paper Award

PhD student Juan Miranda was awarded for the Best Student Paper at InMMIC (Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-wave Circuits) by the GAAS Association. All conference papers are a peer-reviewed.

Title: Biasing an HBT MMIC Transistor for Efficiency and Output Power Enhancement 
Authors: J. M. Miranda, M. Olavsbraaten, and Karl M. Gjertsen
Conference: The International Workshop on Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-wave Circuits (InMMIC)
Time and place: September 3rd - 4th, 2012, Dublin, Ireland

Best Poster Award for Jawad Rasool

We congratulate PhD-student Jawad Rasool for receiving "Best Poster Award" at the VERDIKT Conference in Oslo.

Title: “Improving the Throughput Guarantees Offered in Wireless Networks.”
Authors: Jawad Rasool and Geir E. Øien
Conference: The VERDIKT Conference 2010
Time and place: November 1-2, 2010, in Oslo

About the Poster Presentation:

Jawad Rasool with Best Paper Award at the VERDIKT Conference in Oslo November 2010With real-time traffic transmitted over wireless networks, the need for more exact quality of service (QoS) measures is in the interests of both network operators and customers. A QoS measure well suited to quantify QoS guarantees exactly is a throughput guarantee, i.e., how many bits a user is guaranteed to transmit/receive within a time-window. This poster presentation focuses on two main issues. 1) How can we quantify the throughput guarantees for a certain scheduling algorithm without conducting experimental investigations? 2) How can we maximize the throughput guarantees offered in a wireless network?

About the VERDIKT Conference:

VERDIKT's vision is that Norwegian ICT research will put Norway at the forefront of the development and application of knowledge to enhance interaction, innovation and value creation in the ICT-based network community. The VERDIKT conference serves as a meeting place where researchers from academia and industry can present their projects and results, and meet new colleagues.

Best Paper Award at the 2009 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA)

The paper "Robust spherical microphone array beamforming with multi-beam-multi-null steering, and sidelobe control" by Haohai Sun (IET), Prof. Shefeng Yan (formerly at IET, now at Institute of acoustics, Chinese academy of science, Beijing, China), and Prof. U. Peter Svensson (IET) was selected as the best paper at the biennial IEEE WASPAA conference at Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA, 18-21 October 2009 ( There were 181 paper submissions, 89 of which were selected for the conference after a peer-review process.

Best Paper Award at the conference European Wireless 2008

Dr. Anders Gjendemsjø (formerly IET, currently PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory), Dr. Sébastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove (formerly IET, currently EMGS) and prof. Geir E. Øien (IET) were recently awarded the Best Paper Award at the conference European Wireless 2008, held in Prague, Czech Republic, June 22 - 25, 2008 (cf. Their joint paper "Spectral Efficiency vs. Feedback Load in Discrete-Rate Link Adaptation: Is a Zero Information Outage Constraint Optimal or Not?" was selected for this honor among 90 peer-reviewed papers, which in turn had been chosen from among 150 submissions for publication in the conference proceedings.

Dr. Shefeng Yan awarded the Chinese 2008 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award

Shefeng Yan portrait

We congratulate Dr. Shefeng Yan, currently Post.Doc. at our department, who recently was honored the 2008 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award from China.

This award each year honored China's top 100 out of about 30,000 doctors who recently received their doctor's degree in all fields from China

Medical Sensing, Localization, and Communication using Ultra Wideband Technology (MELODY)

Medical Sensing, Localization, and Communication using Ultra Wideband Technology

We congratulate Adjunct Professor Ilangko Balasingham and Professor Tor Ramstad with their new project: Medical Sensing, Localization, and Communication using Ultra Wideband Technology (MELODY)

Principle investigators: Ilangko Balasingham (Rikshospitalet/NTNU), Tor Ramstad (NTNU), Svein-Erik Hamran (FFI) and Tor Sverre Lande (University of Oslo)

The project will develop ultra wideband (UWB) technology for improved wireless health technology, for both improved network communication and improved and possibly novel medical applications. Three major research directions are pursued, namely short range sensing and imaging of human body, improved sensitivity for short range localization and tracking, and distributed signal and communications for dynamic autonomous resilient networks for both in-vivo and ex-vivo medical applications.

Duration: 7 years
Funding: NOK 49 mil

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