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Research projects at the department

Project Description Participants
BEATS The acronym "BEATS" is an abbreviation of the project title "Bandwidth-Efficient and Adaptive Transmission Schemes for Wireless Multimedia Communications". BEATS is a part of the IKT-2010 research programme funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR). NTNU
BRAGE "Brukergrensesnitt med naturlig tale". The main purpose with BRAGE are research and development in the area of speech technology and dialog based man-machine communication. BRAGE is a cooperation between between  NTNU, Telenor R&D and Sintef Telecom and Informatics. NTNU, Telenor, SINTEF
CUBAN Co-optimizes Ubiquitous Broadband Access Networks NTNU, NFR, Telenor, NERA, Birdstep
FONEMA FONEMA “Tools for realistic speech synthesis in Norwegian”. Project FONEMA (greek for 'speech sound, utterance') , is a research project within the KUNSTI (Knowledge development for Norwegian Language Technology) framework and funded by the Research Council of Norway (NFR). NTNU, Telenor, NFR
NANORDSUN NANORDSUN is part of a Nordic Top-level Research Initiative that comes under the sub-program "Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology" whereby the goal is to use nanotechnology to develop low-cost and highly efficient solar cells to harness the energy from the sun as effectively and efficiently as possible. NTNU, Lund, Aalto, Sol Voltaics AB, KTH, Obducat AB
OPMIGUA "Optical Migration Capable Networks with Service Guarantees" - a research project on optical hybrid networks for e.g. telecommunications. Hybrid networks combine circuit and packet switching for maximum utilization of bandwidth while offering services with different quality of Service requirements. Partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.  
RUNDKAST The main goal of the RUNDKAST project is to establish a digital database of audio recordings from radio news broadcasts that is transcribed and annotated for research in language technology. The database will be part of a necessary infrastructure for language technology research in Norway, and will be included in a future national Norwegian language resource bank.  
SAMPOS SAMPOS is an abbreviation of the project title "Strategies for Seamless Deployment of Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems"
SAMPOS is a joint effort among several top institutions in Norway and abroad with the aims to develop novel design strategies for seamless deployment of mobile patient monitoring systems.
SIRKUS SIRKUS is a research project with the purpose of investigating and developing new paradigms for speech recognition that have the capability of bridging the gap between machine and human performance.  
SMiDA Smart Microsystems for Diagnostic Imaging in Medicine  NTNU, SINTEF
SPODIS Spoken Dialog Systems for Telephone Services  
SQC Security of quantum cryptosystems NTNU
TABOR Prosjektet Talebaserte grensesnitt og resonnerende systemer har som målsetting å utvikle et resonnerende system for automatisk ruteopplysning der tale er grensesnittet ("kontaktflaten") til brukerne. NTNU
THIOX Thin Films for Novel Oxide Devices  

" TURBo codes, Access and Network Technology"

TURBAN is a joint research project focused on the emerging technologies towards the Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems, which is currently under standardization worldwide.

NTNU, Telenor

The VOCALS project focuses on the convergence between communications systems, advanced dialog control and speech technology.

WIRAC Wideband Radio Access NTNU, NFR, UiB, SINTEF

WISENET is an abbreviation of the project title "Wireless Biomedical Sensor Networks"

WISENET aims to investigate low cost, low power and robust communication solutions for wireless biomedical sensor networks.