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Acoustics Group

The origin of the word "Acoustics" is the Greek word "akuein" meaning "to hear". Therefore Acoustics has to do with hearing and sound perception. Today, the word includes a wider branch of science. Acoustics has evolved to the science of different aspects of sound and vibration, such as ultrasound in medical diagnostics, ultrasound for  sonar- and seismic measurements, sound as unwanted noise and vibration, sound as communication through speech and music, as well as different aspects of hearing and sound perception.

Acoustics as science is related to several professions and commercial activities, and is often tied to  human activities. The most important activities of the Acoustics Group is room acoustics, music and electro acoustics, instrumentation, numerical acoustics, material acoustics, marine acoustics and signal processing. Additional research and education take place in several regional institutions.

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