Department of Electronics and Telecommunications - Acoustics
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Welcome to the Acoustics Group

at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

The origin of the word acoustics is the Greek word akuein which means to hear. Thus acoustics concerns the hearing mechanism and the perception of sound. Today the word covers a much broader field of science. Acoustics has become the science of various aspects of sound and vibration, like ultrasound in medical diagnosis, ultrasound for seismic and sonar measurements, sound as unwanted noise and vibration, sound as communication with speech and music, as well as aspects of hearing and perception.

The scientific field of acoustics is related to a variety of professions and commercial activities and administration, and is very often connected to human activities. The main fields of interest of the Acoustics Group are room acoustics, music and electro acoustics, measuring techniques, numerical acoustics, material acoustics, hydro- and geoacoustics, and signal processing. Additionally there is acoustics research and education in progress in several other institutions in the Trondheim area.

Key areas
Marine Acoustics
Audio and Music Technology
Environmental and Building Acoustics
Numerical Acoustics
Contact information

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