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Cracking commercial quantum cryptography by tailored bright illumination (2008–2010)

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Encrypted network node with quantum key distribution equipment Clavis2 quantum key distribution system made by ID Quantique Lars Lydersen hacking Clavis2 QKD system (1) Lars Lydersen hacking Clavis2 QKD system (2) QPN 5505 quantum key distribution system made by MagiQ Technologies Single-photon detector board from QPN 5505 QKD system X-ray of single-photon detector board from QPN 5505 Highland Technology P400 digital delay generator JDS Fitel VA4 variable optical attenuator EM4 1550 nm 100 mW fiber-pigtailed laser diode, outfitted with a heatsink and a temperature controller Tektronix TFC200 optical power meter Lars Lydersen hacking QPN 5505 QKD system

Intercept-resend attack experiment in Singapore (2009)

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Quantum hacker’s suitcase (studio shot) Scheme of eavesdropping experiment Eve, deployed and running Quantum hacker’s suitcase (during experiment) Alice with entangled photon-pair source Bob Qin Liu adjusts Eve Ilja Gerhardt sets up recording on internet link Dress rehearsal of eavesdropping experiment in the lab Antía Lamas-Linares tunes entangled-pair source Ilja Gerhardt tunes entangled-pair source Ilja Gerhardt, Antía Lamas-Linares, Christian Kurtsiefer get quantum cryptosystem working Researchers who did this experiment

Bob control experiment in Singapore (2009)

Bob control experiment Eve’s faked state generator Qin Liu assembles faked-state generator (1) Qin Liu assembles faked-state generator (3) Qin Liu assembles faked-state generator (2) New project begins by preparing a suitcase for mobile Eve’s equipment

Hacking PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR single photon detector module (2008–2010)

Vadim Makarov works with PerkinElmer detector.  Image © PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module disassembled PCB from PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module, top side PCB from PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module, bottom side Avalanche photodiode decapsulated

Controlling passively-quenched single photon detector: experiment at the Moscow State University (2007)

Single photon detector based on Si APD Optical part of Eve’s testing setup Eve’s lab Eve’s lab

Large pulse attack experiment (2000)

Artem Vakhitov tunes up eavesdropper’s setup Artem Vakhitov in quantum cryptography lab Shit happens. Damaged phase modulator (microphotograph) Shit happens. Damaged phase modulator

Quantum key distribution setup (1999–2001)

Bob’s optical setup Alice’s optical setup Bob and Alice QKD setup when it was in testing stage

Pictures of us

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Group members in November 2008 Group members in September 2008 Group members in 2000

Pictures from conferences we attended

Conference group photo  Tropical QKD workshop in Waterloo, Canada, June 14–17, 2010

Conference group photo  XI International Conference on Quantum Optics in Minsk, May 26–31, 2006

Seminar group photo  30 Years of Fibre Optic Research seminar at NTNU, March 4, 2003

Seminar group photo  Norwegian Cryptographic Seminar at NTNU, October 17–18, 2002

“Best poster” certificate  Our poster Practical quantum cryptography won the “Best poster presentation by a young scientist” award at the Norwegian Electro-Optics Meeting in Flåm, May 2–5, 2002

Conference group photo  QUICK: Quantum interference and cryptographic keys: novel physics and advancing technologies in Cargese, Corsica, April 7–13, 2001

Conference group photo  1st Quantum Information Processing & Communications Workshop in Potsdam, September 27–29, 2000

Meeting group photo  Quantum Information meeting at KTH Kista, Stockholm, December 14–16, 1998


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