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Press about us: selected articles


♥ Press after our Bell’s inequality faking paper:
“Faked states” mimic quantum entanglement, Physics Today
Eve fools Alice and Bob, Physics
Lasers illuminate quantum security loophole, Nature News
Fake violations of Bell tests reinforce importance of closing loopholes,
Researchers show how to break quantum cryptography by faking quantum entanglement: article, Ars Technica
Uncrackable quantum crypto undermined by new attack, The Register
Quantenkryptographie: Bell-Ungleichung ausgetrickst,
Quantum hackers: Cracking the uncrackable code, New Scientist.
Tredje generasjon disputerer, Universitetsavisa.
A quantum leap for security, SC Magazine.
♥ Some press, >10 articles came out after our Nature Communications publication on fully-implemented eavesdropper.
Hack me if you can, Optics & Photonics Focus.


Quantum cryptography is secure... except when it’s not, Ars Technica.
Quantum crypto experts dispute potency of ‘blinding’ hack: Boffin deathmatch, The Register.
Hacker på statens regning: article (PDF), VG.
♥ A lot of press, ∼30 news items and articles came out after our Nature Photonics publication on cracking commercial quantum cryptography.
Quantum cryptography: Light fantastic. Secure cryptography is only as safe as its weakest link, The Economist.


Le secret était presque parfait : la cryptographie quantique n’est pas invulnérable, Le Monde.


Laser cracks ‘unbreakable’ quantum communications, New Scientist.
Bryter seg inn i fremtidens krypteringsmetode, Adresseavisen.
Loophole found in quantum cryptography photon detectors, The physics arXiv blog.
A quantum crack that wasn’t: new attack hits photon detector, Ars Technica.


Bombesikker kryptokode, Teknisk Ukeblad.
 Eve :(