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My research interests are related to resource allocation in wireless ad hoc, cognitive radio, and sensor networks. The objective is to make the usage of scarce resources in wireless networks more efficient by applying MAC protocols, interference mitigation techniques, dynamic spectrum allocation, MIMO technology, etc., while increasing the capacity of the network and improving the quality of service and reliability of packet transmissions. My research expertise is on analyzing and improving the performance of MAC protocols in wireless ad hoc networks. Furthermore, I have worked on characterizing the interference in MIMO interference channels and understanding the impact that using multiple antennas has on the network performance. The ultimate goal is to combine MAC layer techniques with MIMO technology to improve the performance of point-to-point ad hoc networks. I am also interested in the new evolving topic of Cognitive Radios, and I have worked on spectrum allocation in ad hoc networks and power control in cognitive radio networks.

People I have worked with:

Supervisor for:

  • Master's Thesis for J. E. Corneliussen: "The Optimal Packet Duration of ALOHA and CSMA in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks", June 2009.
  • Master's Project for J. E. Corneliussen: "The Impact of Introducing Slots in Random Access MAC Protocols", Dec. 2008.
  • Master's Thesis for R. C. Nieto and D. C. Ortega: "Power Allocation In Cognitive Radio", June 2008.